Farm and Fields


Over the years I've learned a tremendous amount about low security space and how to successfully live and thrive in that challenging environment. Over the last eight years especially Stay Frosty has survived every barrier thrown against us and become the standard bearers for old-fashioned Piracy in the space lanes of new eden. Our Yarrr is strong.

But how and why have we survived and thrived in an environment that has seen many others falter, fall, or abandon the field?  There are many reasons, leadership, players, attitudes, structure, luck, timing - but I think one of the biggest reasons of all is a philosophy that I like to call "Farm and Fields". It's a philosophy based on common sense, experience, and passion for a play-style that is growing increasingly rare in the universe of Eve Online. And the core tenant of this philosophy is a perspective that we are not merely players but rather stewards of Low Sec. Much like a farmer tends his fields, so should we tend to the environment in which we choose to play.

Which is all well and good, but what does that even mean in practical terms? Good question, so let's take a look at some ways in which we practice Farm and Field in Stay Frosty and ABA.

• Don't Over Farm

This one should be obvious but it is surprising how many players and corporations make this mistake. If you find a good place for PvP don't work it until it is no longer producing for you. As any good farmer knows you have to leave a field fallow for a season in order for it to remain productive. The same is true in space. If you overdo it the players will move on to other places, places you may not be able to find them in again. Be selective and be smart about it. This attitude is important and could easily be the main overriding code for everything else on this list. Don't overdo it. You'll chase everyone away. Or, even worse, they will get around to killing you eventually.

• Encourage Targets

There are lots of ways to encourage targets. Becoming well known for good fights is one. Honoring requests for 1v1s is another. Holding events. Not blobbing. Talking to pilots after fights and giving advice and encouragement is yet another. The trick is to create an environment where such activity is encouraged and practiced. And not just giving lip service to it. This means making hard decisions along the way and adhering to your word. But the results are worth it. In my opinion it is for more valuable to be known for encouraging fights rather than the alternatives.

• Don't Trap Fight

Trap Fighting is something everyone in Eve does from time to time. And there is certainly a place for it. Gate Camps. Recon Traps. Cloaky Bait. Hot Drops. The list of ways in which you can trap the enemy into a fight are long. And there is nothing wrong with them... in moderation. There are groups well known for certain types of Trap Fighting and we, along with most people, try to avoid engaging them when possible. Not only does this make them predictable but it also drives content away from certain areas of space. Don't Over Farm. As an example, in our home system we have a gate to High Security space, but we don't camp it very often. We could. And we'd get kills. But eventually those would dry up. That doesn't mean we never camp it, because sometimes you just end up on the gate. But we don't do it very long. And that's key. Variety is the spice of life.

• Avoid "Always"

These rules of thumb apply to individual pilots as well as corporations/alliances. And this one especially. Whenever I see someone in local or they get reported in chat, it is amazing the times I hear that this pilot or corporation "always" does this certain thing, or flies a certain ship. Now I know there are pilots that specialize in certain activities or flying certain ships - nothing wrong with that. But for the rest of us becoming known as "always" anything is bad news. That means you are predictable. And predictable people can be countered.

Think of yourself as a steward of the space you fly in. Whatever your play-style might be, what can you do to encourage it? Help create the type of play that you enjoy.


  1. I found an issue the 'always' statement : what about ventures? We must always kill them ;)

    1. This is true. All ships with WCS fitted must be expunged.

  2. As one of the sheep being farmed by Stay Frosty, I think this approach is absolutely right, and creates real value in this area of LowSec. LowSec should be dangerous, but there needs to be a balanced ecosystem.

    I fly there expecting content even if I'm just doing some ratting. But if I was getting exploded every time I tried to do some PvE, I'd run out of money and/or go somewhere else.

    Recent experience: I was ratting, got jumped, got exploded. GF in Local and some free advice from the Stay Frosty member. Re-shipped and encountered the same pilot 30 minutes later - got a wave in Local as they went elsewhere.

    Positive experience all round. 5/5. Would definitely explode again.

    Looking forward to my next shearing...

    -Dinah Arsten

    1. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate hearing stories like this and seeing our efforts in action. We aren't perfect, but we do try.


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