January 2021

 Station Demon

I'm going to start writing a post at the end of each month looking back at the accomplishments of the previous month, both for me and for Stay Frosty and ABA. To be honest I'm not entirely sure why I haven't thought of this before. I've written similar posts in the past, but only every so often and not consistently. Now that I think about it, perhaps they all started out to be regular posts but then I forgot to do them again? Hopefully I can avoid that issue this time.

For me January was another solid month of space piracy. I registered 104 kills with only 14 losses. With more than a few of those losses being due to stupidity that could have easily been avoided. Only 16 solo kills in the month which only continues that trend, it is increasingly challenging for me to secure solo fights that don't end with me getting blobbed or 3rd partied. That comes with the territory of being me, so no big deal. We adapt or we die. And that is nothing new.

Probably the most fun I had solo in January was the time I took on 8 Russians in my Megathron. I ended up exploding three of them before they ran off. Kudos to them for taking on the challenge, but if they had worked together a little better they would have killed me. Although I did build that Mega for fighting frigate blobs, so nice to see that it works.

As always I strive for variety and mixing things up when it comes to ship selections and I managed to score wins in 18 different ships in January. 15 each in the Dramiel and Hookbill. With the Garmur, Daredevil, Astero, Tristan, Crow, Atron, Gnosis and Mega rounding out the top ten in that order. So not a bad month.

As for Stay Frosty we continue to add new pilots with the corp membership hovering at around 180 pilots, which is where we like it to be. Speaking of new pilots, one of our newest ended up winning the Hick's Award for January! Derek Parfit scored 297 total kills in January to lead the pack, with 170 of those being solo kills. Well done and well deserved. The top five finishers this month each get a FREE Caracal skin from me.

Stay Frosty managed 1,277 kills in January to 348 losses with 82b isk removed from the game and converted into loot for our wallets. Which is a pretty typical month for us. In January we continued with our twice weekly organized roams and had some truly solid adventures in both Null and Low Sec space. I'm really enjoying FCing the Saturday weekend roams and then being able to sit back and enjoy flying in the weekly Wednesday roams with Lufax doing the FC honors. Having regularly scheduled and organized roams helps with activity and participation and we are regularly seeing the number of pilots flying in them increasing.

The Alliance continues rolling strong with Lucifer's Hammer and Average Pilots both going strong. Lucifer's is hard at work building the Frigates we'll need for the upcoming FFA on March 6th. We moved one of the structures we took from another corporation in January and added a new Athanor to our structure base to help with securing the raw materials we need for projects like the FFA.

While the real world continues to be challenging for all of us, I'm glad that our pilots can find refuge and a break from the stresses of life inside our space family. I know it means a lot to me personally and I hope it does for them as well.

What will February bring us?


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  2. Well, evidently January brought us advertisements...

    Oh and thanx for deleting my last comment. I was not being snarky or rude to you, just making a point I have felt strongly about ever since the Summer of Rage... heck I even gave you a call out and kudos at the end... but whatever.

    1. I didn't delete anything. I don't delete comments.

    2. And thanks for pointing out the ads, I have turned those off again. Not sure why the Ad Sense plug-in was active.

    3. Then you have my apology. I did however comment on your last post, published it and saw it go up... but last night, it was gone. I made, I feel, the normal assumption that it was deleted.

    4. No idea. Tbh I have very little control over the comments section as it is a third-party blogger thing. I have only ever deleted two comments in 11 years and those were a long time ago.


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