The Frigate Free For All Invitation


You are invited! On Saturday March 6th between 16:00 & 20:00 in Ouelletta Stay Frosty and ABA will be hosting our 7th Annual Frigate Free For All! Last year's event saw just shy of 6,000 ship explosions, a Marshall, an Orca, and several Dreads go up in flames. You can read more details about last year's event here. 

We have over 4,000 FREE Frigates to hand out. All you have to do is show up in system at any time and dock in one of our Freeported Citadels and ask for a free ship. And you can do that as many times as you'd like! That's all there is to it. Seriously. Grab a ship, undock, and have fun.

We'll have special undocking events happening throughout the four hours of the event. And everything will be announced in local. We expect plenty of Eve celebrities, CCP Devs, Streamers, and other notable pilots to attend. This is your chance to score some fancy kills you can brag about for years.

As always ABA will be providing security for the event as needed. Although last year we didn't have any serious issues and we don't expect any this year either. But we do ask that all groups participate and keep the spirit of the event in mind, there will be plenty of mayhem and destruction for everyone. I personally have several special ships that I will be sacrificing to Bob during the event, so you'll have more than enough chances to mount my head on your mantle.

I also have tons of FREE Skins to give away to those that score final blows on event ships, those that manage to score the most kills, and to anyone who sacrifices a ship worth more than 1b isk! Plus other goals I'll keep secret for now.

"This was the best event I have ever participated in after 15 years of playing the game. Thank you Rixx and A Band Apart for all your hard work! o7" - Solidus Zero via Twitter

No matter what you do inside the game, this is your chance to experience the excitement of PvP without the worry or stress. We have pilots from all over who come to these and enjoy themselves. Many of our own pilots came to Stay Frosty from experiencing their first taste of PvP at one of our FFA Events. Who knows? The next one might be you.

We welcome all streamers to participate as well. If you want or need anything special, just DM me on Discord and I'm sure we can work it out together. Or if you just want to show up and participate, that's fine as well.

Special thanks go out to Lucifer's Hammer who are building all of the ships. Johnny Oxford Virpio who kindly built all of our over-flow Frigates for us. Elise Randolph for donating much needed minerals when we needed them. And all the other players who donated or stepped up to help make this happen. If you are interested in donating ships, or prizes please feel free to DM me and let me know. All items will be used and will help to make this event something special.

I hope to see you all there. And I hope this year we can break the record we set last year and pass 6,000 ship explosions!

Stay Frosty my friends.


  1. Where are the rules posted?

  2. You'll definitely see me in a battle venture later today

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