Q: What is a Frigate Free For All?

A: This is the 14th Public Event that I've hosted in Eve Online. The 7th FFA in a row with A Band Apart. Essentially the premise is extremely simple - for 4 hours on Saturday we will hand anyone who docks in the designated station a completely, 100% FREE fully-fitted T1 Frigate. And you can do that as many times as you'd like. Undock, fight, fly around, get on special kills, chase the Pirate Lord, whatever you want to do.

Q: Where is the FFA being held?

A: It is being held in the Stay Frosty home system of Ouelletta in Verge Vendor/Placid Low Security space. We will be opening one of our structures to the public for access to hand out free Frigates. There is a High-Sec entrance to Ouelletta for easy access.

Q: Can younger players enjoy the FFA?

A: All the Frigates have been optimized so they can be flown by players of all experience levels. 

Q: Won't I take a hit to my Security Status?

A: Possibly, that could happen. However, given the sheer amount of players in space it is easy to avoid if you only shoot players that are already suspect or that shoot you first. Sure, if you go around shooting everyone, you might take some hits to your sec status. But if that is important to you, it is relatively easy to avoid it being an issue. Plus we actively discourage podding and the use of smartbombs during the event.

Q: What's in it for me?

A: If you've never been to one of these before you are in for a really great time. Hundreds of spaceships flying around, everyone shooting everyone else, and lots of great battles happening all around you - all with virtually no risk to you. Or cost. It is, quite frankly, about the best way to experience PvP in Eve for the first time, or to have a great time doing something you don't often get to do.

Also I will be handing out prizes! And every so often someone will undock in a very special ship that you will have the chance to shoot and explode just for fun. When else in Eve do you get that chance? Last year I brought a Marshall to the top belt... what will I bring this year?

Q: Won't some bigger group just show up and ruin things?

A: It could happen. But those groups also know they are also invited to participate. And ABA will have a standing security force on hand to deal with whatever happens. Plus we have friends on stand-by should the need arise. But to be honest, we've not had any problems with this in the last 6 events. So I don't anticipate any issues.

Everyone should come and have fun. And I hope to see you in space. Be sure to say Hi in local.