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For the last few days I've been asking around the community regarding a potential run for CSM this year. I've asked in my Alliance Discord, on Tweetfleet, and in private convos with various people I trust. The general consensus is extremely positive with one huge caveat. Almost universally people seem to feel that a CSM term would be the herald of the end of my involvement in the community, as a player, or worse. I sincerely appreciate the concern. In fact, it means a tremendous amount to hear that concern. Because it means that you value my involvement in the community now and wouldn't want to see that ruined by serving on the CSM. That means a lot to me. So thank you for your concern.

At this point I'd like to address those concerns directly. I play Eve every single day that I am able to play. And have for the past twelve and a half years. I've been writing in the pages of Eveoganda for eleven years straight. Next month is the eighth anniversary of Stay Frosty. We recently put on the largest and most successful FFA that Eve Online has ever seen, breaking all records for destruction in a single day. I've been to Iceland and Fanfest three times, Amsterdam, Toronto, Vegas, and on an Alaskan cruise. I'm the only person in Eve to have held three Eve meets at my home, inviting Eve players from all over to spend the day at my house. I've worked directly with CCP since 2015, producing six illustrated posters that they sold, and actively work on the Eve Store right now. Last year my line of Freaky Frigates launched on the official Eve Store and is still being sold. I could go on.

Does this seem like the kind of person that a term on the CSM could break? Of course not.

Which is why I am taking this opportunity to announce my intention to run as YOUR representative for CSM16. I can assure you that my potential term as your representative will not break me, or cause me to give up my involvement in the community. In fact, I believe it will only serve to strengthen it. Now is the time. As Eve approaches its twentieth anniversary it is in a critical transition, Eve Anywhere, Eve Everywhere - Eve Forever! 

Why do I want to do this? I believe it is a natural extension of my love for the game and that not serving, at this - the only time I've been in a position to truly try - would be a missed opportunity. And that I couldn't live with myself if I didn't give it my best shot. Do I have all the answers? No, of course not. What I do have is incredible experience, passion, and knowledge. And I also have an unwavering confidence in this game and the community of players that have welcomed me into it. I still believe that Eve's best days are ahead of us and not behind us. 

There will be those in the coming weeks and months who will want to label me as the "low sec" candidate. As Pirate Lord of Low Sec it would be foolish of me to deny that my heart is with that section of space - in fact - it sorely needs proper attention. But as a player who has also fought in the trenches of vast Null Sec wars, traversed the darkness of Wormhole space, plied trade between the systems of High Sec, built his own ships, planned PI systems, station traded, hauled minerals, meta-gamed with the best of them, and generally been a major pain in the ass for the last decade - I hope you'd also see that I care about all aspects of this incredible game. And the players that make it live.

But yes, Low Sec is where I hang my hat. Where I log in every day. Where I undock and lead roving gangs of pirates. Where I generate content. And so, yes, low sec will be a focus of my efforts. Specifically around the long-gestating and often ignored systems built around Faction Warfare.  Over the coming weeks I'll be spending more time talking about those systems and how I believe they can be improved. And why doing so will help all areas of Eve.

It is a common mistake for candidates to approach the CSM as a platform simply built for advocacy. I've seen many well-intentioned players become bitter after banging their heads against that wall. The CSM is charged with different priorities under their charter. And I think it is vitally important to keep those priorities in mind. If you are unfamiliar with those I encourage you to read this article.

I intend to run as your representative on the Council of Stellar Management.

And I would sincerely appreciate your support.


  1. You have it... my support that is.

    I expect my free archon in V-V later today ;)

    Good luck

    1. Thank you my friend. If I had Archons to give away, you'd get one.

  2. I also support that 100%! I already have an archon taking dust somewhere ... ;)

    1. Got it, find free Archons to give away = Victory!

  3. You have my vote as long as you campaign on the platform of removing WCS :P

  4. Good luck. I hope this isn't the beginning of the end of Rixx. I remember Ripard Teg and Sugar Kyle both left Eve after their run and as I remember it, neither had planned it that way.

  5. You have my axe...

  6. I don't play this game, but I read about it. This game suffers TIDI problem. TIDI problem induces more problems, one is people got anxious and click more thus causing extra work for the system and even more TIDI.
    I am puzzle why this TIDI issue was never fixed. Apparently things went over the company's head. They should design a game system where the point of conflict is spread out multiple grids so that multiple fights can happen on multiple servers.
    For example:
    A system got boosted from friendly adjacent systems. A friendly system boost all friendly ships. The enemy should have incentive to take over rim systems to isolate the intended target.

    If you become a CSM, I can give you more suggestion. I read a lot. This game is actually easy for me. I just don't have a powerful computer to play is game.


    P.S. I suggested you folks on a different thread, "Play for nothing, fight for something." Take sov in the West side of Catch. Get PAPI to help.


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