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Yesterday my good friend Charles White, more commonly known in the Eve Community as Max Singularity, Space Pope and a gazillion other titles - endorsed myself and Jim Halescott for CSM. Since this endorsement was published over on Eve Facebook, I thought I'd re-publish it here for others to read. 

"There are two Candidates for CSM this year I fully support and endorse for your consideration.

Jim Halescott and Rixx Javix 

I have know these two players over the years and I can attest they both love the game, and moreover, the gaming community… and that means you. You can see Rixx Javix in the official CCP Broadcast for Reps Video because he cares for all of us to stay alive and play the game. Jim Halescott has gone his own way, but during his time in the Sixth Empire Alliance, he showed his compassion for fellow players, and to this day he will steal your citadel, but in real life buy you a beer.

These values apply as representatives of the Council of Stellar Management. Why? Because the health of the game is what keeps our community together. 

You might want to know “what their positions are” or “where they stand”... and that’s important to know, but let me share something with you. These types of “campaign promises” have little to do how the CSM process works. The CSM is basically a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) for a commercial product that a vendor provides to consumers.  EVE Online is that product. CCP Games is the vendor. The CSM is the CAB. You are the consumer.

So as a customer advisory board member, the CSM does their best to advise CCP Games on features they are considering (but sometimes the vendor proceeds anyways).

This is why it’s VERY IMPORTANT to select candidates that have the values of the players at heart. Who know how gameplay effects players and player retention.

Jim definitely knows high security space, and Rixx knows low security space but again, their knowledge of the players is their most valuable contribution in my opinion.  

You have multiple votes, and I’m sure many of the regular null security space folks will be represented by their alliance block voting, but other voices like Rixx and Jim should be heard.  Throw some or all of your votes for these two candidates."

I just want to thank Charles for the kind words and for his continuing support. It means a lot to me personally. There are so many people in this game that I consider my friend, and Charles is certainly one of them.

The campaign continues and next week starts the official submission process. If you haven't already, please take a moment to visit my official forum thread and like, comment, or otherwise support my candidacy. Every single vote counts.

Onward & Upward


  1. Any comment on Rixx's history of his (possible) gofundme scam or legal issues with his wife?

    1. As has been well documented ad nauseam neither of those alleged things have any bearing in truth. Members of Tweetfleet and the Eve community decided to send me funds to purchase a new computer, which was gathered under a GoFundMe account. The computer was purchased with those funds and receipts were given, photos taken, etc.

      No scam involved. The entire thing happened over the course of 24hrs and I'm quite proud of the effort from the community.

      My Divorce has been over for almost two years now. Paid in full by me. As has been also well documented there was never any "child support" involved, as my Son lived with me. You can hear him say so himself on a podcast we did together at

      I suppose I will be explaining these facts for years for some reason. Both of these things are personal and have ZERO to do with Eve Online. People helped me when I needed help, which is something we all do when called upon. I have donated to other players GoFundMe drives, given to charities at player meets, handed out thousands of dollars worth of swag, and helped hundreds of players in the last 13 years.

      I do hope your curiosity regarding my personal life was addressed here in this public forum.

      Please remember that Eve players dox'd my real world information, including private bank accounts, social security numbers, and more on Reddit in pursuit of these truths.


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