Another CSM Campaign Video?


It's time for yet another Rixx4CSM Campaign Video! I hope you enjoy it, share it, and tell all your friends about it. Maybe take a moment to head over to my official forum post and share a LIKE if you have a minute.

The campaign rolls on and we are gaining momentum every step of the way. But, to be successful, I need your help and support. This is normally when some stupid politician would ask for donations. That's the great thing about this kind of election, no donations, no rallies, no boring speeches - all it requires is positive energy and your vote during the election in June. That's it. Heck, in Eve, we can even vote multiple times on multiple accounts. How cool is that?

Later I'll have the link to last nights interview I did with Ashterothi over on Eve Universe. And I've got a lot more interviews to get done in the coming weeks. Busy schedule.

More to come.