WCS Lies Wallpaper

Every time I sit down in the Low Sec roundtable at Fanfest, or Vegas, or anywhere else there is always a joke made about me and WCS. My long-standing, decade plus, crusade to get CCP to address the module is rather well known. Over the years countless players have mocked me for it, on Reddit, in the forums, and here in the comment section of my own blog. Despite progress being made over the years, from the banning on the module from FW plex, to the introduction of the Maulus Navy Issue, and more - WCS have come to define me in the minds of many players.

I'm not going to rehash my position. I've written about this subject too much in these pages over the years. But I will tell you this much. Very early last year something happened that made me believe changes were coming. I can't reveal what that was, so you'll just have to trust me.

Today CCP announced that changes to the WCS and to Nullification are now live on the test server.

The WCS is now an active module with a limit to one per ship. There are other details, but I want to wait until I have a chance to experience them for myself. Based on what I've seen so far this is a great update and one worth waiting for. This doesn't change the modules ability to provide escape from danger, but it does limit its effectiveness in doing so longer term. This is the kind of change that I've long advocated for. Not a total ban (which was always just a marketing ploy) but an update to a legacy module long ignored.

I do want to thank members of the current CSM and all the Devs back at CCP for this change. There are already those joking that CCP picked now to announce this because of my own CSM run. I appreciate that sentiment. But it has been a decade long advocacy and many serious conversations with Fozzie, Masterplan, Rise, and others over those years. Y'know, as well as a thousand comments on Tweetfleet, wallpapers, comics, stickers in care packages, t-shirts, and everything else. lolz.

As for the Nullification changes, I'm going to need some time to test those for myself. I promise to do so here shortly after some real life work. I'll get back to you about those.

For now, let me enjoy this moment. It has been a long time coming.