Change We Can Undock For


My latest CSM Campaign video has been released!

As you all know, I am running for CSM this year and I sincerely appreciate your support. In fact, I need your support. It is a daunting task to run as an independent candidate considering the hordes of Null Sec candidates and the power of their machines, the CSM is typically dominated by their candidates. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that, but I think we need more independent voices to represent the rest of us. And that is why I am running. To represent the players who aren't in large coalitions, the low sec, faction warfare, industry, hi-sec, wormhole, explorers, who vastly outnumber everyone else in this game of ours.

Voting starts on June 8 and runs until the 15th. Remember that Alpha accounts can also vote. And every character you have has a vote. For me to succeed I'll need as many number one votes as humanly possible, you can vote for up to 10 candidates on each ballot. But number one votes are worth more than number ten votes, so be sure to place me as high on your ballot as you can. That will help ensure victory.

I know this will be a tough fight, but I'm used to fighting hard for what I believe in. And I promise to put my energy into fighting for you, no matter where you fly.

Enjoy my latest video and be sure to share these on your Alliance Discord servers and anywhere else you visit. Together we can make this happen.