Faction Warfare Roadmap


I've spent the last couple of weeks getting an in-depth refresher course in the intricacies of Faction Warfare. While it is easy to believe you are up-to-date on various activities and systems in Eve Online, the truth is that taking another look is always helpful. In light of my CSM candidacy I wanted to make sure I was operating on the same wavelength as other players who count on FW as their choice of playstyle.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to talk, share information, or otherwise lend an ear over the past few weeks. Even if you didn't know that was what was happening. I needed to do this in order to create the above Roadmap. I wanted something easy to understand that could communicate visually to anyone, some of the changes that need to happen as soon as possible. This is NOT intended as a comprehensive plan, or a deep dive into the FW systems. Obviously.

Also, I must say this here. If it was totally 100% up to me I'd probably recommend scraping the entire LP/Tier Reward System in favor of something new that would be Isk/Plex based, built from the ground up. However, and this is where actually being on the CSM helps, that is most likely unrealistic. Or is it? I have no idea right now. I need to find out. And I can only do that if I'm elected. See how that works?

So for now, dealing with the system we have, these are the major steps that I (and others) believe need to be made in order to breathe new life into FW and Low Security space in general.

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