Guest on Walldeck Stream


Yesterday I was fortunate to be invited to join Walldeck on his Twitch stream for almost two hours of conversation about Eve Online and the CSM. We were joined on the stream by Brisc Rubal and had a great time.

You can watch the stream yourself here.

If it hadn't been for Covid my wife and I planned on attending Eve Berlin last year. Not to even mention the Baltic Sea Eve Cruise we had planned, which would have taken us to Germany, Sweden, Latvia, and even Russia. Damn pandemic.

Yesterday's stream was a bit like working at the United Nations, waiting on the translations and hoping the translator did a good job of conveying your thoughts. Shout out to our translator, Neytiri, you were awesome. And I think you did a good job. I'm sure you did.

I love how global Eve Online is and that even across our language barriers we can enjoy the game we all love. It's a testament to this great community of ours and the power it has to bring us all together. Special thanks to all my German friends for making me feel welcome.

This campaign isn't going to be easy, especially for an independent candidate like myself. But I'm putting as much effort into it as I can. But I can't do it alone. And that's when I know I can rely on my friends, my readers, my fans, and all those that care about this great game of ours. So thank you for your support and helping to get the word out. I couldn't, I wouldn't, do it without you.

Onward & Upward.