Final Campaign Wallpaper

 Let's Nail the Landing Wallpaper

When I started this campaign I promised myself I'd put all my energy into it. If I don't believe in myself, why should anyone else? To be honest it is all I know how to do, go full-speed, full dedication, and get it done. That's how I approach everything and always have. So why stop now? If anything it shows you what kind of CSM member I will be. Full on. Non-stop. Never surrender.

I have no idea if the videos, wallpapers, slogans, tweets, forum posts, interviews, and everything else is going to work or not. Unlike real world political campaigns I have no polls to tell me how the campaign is doing. All I have are endorsements, forum readers, blog readers, and promises to guide me. On top of which, this is Eve, so who knows what back-door deals are happening without my knowledge. Or even with my knowledge? 

I know there is a small percentage of the Eve community that hates me for reasons I've never fully understood. And I still don't. I get that. There is literally nothing I can do about it. I have no idea how many people that might actually be. And if it will have any impact on the campaign. There is a lot I don't know. This is, after all, my first time running. There are a lot of candidates this year, and a lot of incumbents running. Add to that the surprising turnout from other qualified independents. More than I can ever remember running before. Lots of challenges.

Yet another reason to go full steam. No reason to hold back.

This weekend I'll be appearing on Push to Talk and Declarations of War. I believe that will be the marathon, as I think I've appeared on every major Twitch/Podcast at this point (at least the ones doing CSM appearances). A lot of candidates have their own Twitch/Podcast platforms, I have this magazine. And tweetfleet. And my record. 

Anyway, I encourage you to visit my official CSM forum page to leave a like, comment, or angry missive. 

I'll be writing more as the election looms next week. In the meantime enjoy the wallpaper. And tell your friends to Vote Rixx 4 CSM16.

Let's Nail the Landing!