The Simple Version

I ran for CSM because I love Eve Online.

I ran to win.

I did not run to win at all cost.

I ran as an independent on purpose.

Because I am an independent.

I did not ask for Null Bloc support, even though I was aware it might cost me the election.

I don't want major Null Bloc support.

I would not accept it if it was offered.

That is my choice.

If I was going to win it would be on my own terms, with support from players who wanted a person they could trust on the CSM without strings attached.

I did not win.

That's fine.

I hoped I would, but I did not expect to. I'm a rational and intelligent human being.

I actually did better than anticipated.

It was an awesome experience.

I learned a lot. I'm happy I ran.

I tried sharing some of those learnings this week.

I announced early on that if I didn't win this time that I would not be running again. I said that many times.

If I did win, I also said I would only serve two terms.

This is NOT news.

I am not running again. As promised.

If I had won I would have served with all my energy and effort.

I will continue to fight for what I believe in.

I do not understand why this is hard for some people to understand.

Thank you.


  1. In Before Brisc comes to shine a spotlight on himself. Rixx, you weren't my top candidate (Stitch K was), but you made my ballot. Self-effacing clowns like Brisc did not make it. If I had one isk for every time Brisc made it all about himself, I'd be a happy man. He may not have deserved his ban per CCP, but the game would be better without him. Keep doing your thing.

    1. He's just mad because I hit too close to the truth. People exploit a bad system and call it good enough. Then attack anyone who challenges that system, the same system that benefits them exclusively. Not unexpected. How dare anyone stand up and disagree with them? Fuck that, I call a spade a spade when I see it. And I don't care what people say about it.


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