Despite some issues with the internet in general this morning, CSM voting is now open!

I encourage you to vote. No matter what you personally think about the CSM, past, present, or future, the facts are that it plays an important role in the development of Eve Online. Sometimes more important than you might realize. I remember the emergency meeting the CSM had during the Summer of Rage (Incarna). That is just one example. There are dozens more.

I started this race knowing I was a long-shot candidate. I have no massive block of voters I can shape into a force of nature. I don't know any skill-injector farmers. Or influencers. All I have is almost 13 years of experience, standing up for what I believe in. I've been in the fight for that entire stretch. I didn't just wake up a few weeks ago and decide to represent the players. I've been representing the players since day one, often without even realizing it. I've taken the hits on principle. And I haven't gone away. Nor will I.

That spirit won't change, win or lose. If I am fortunate enough to be elected I will take that fighting spirit straight to the table with me. If I lose, I will continue fighting for what I believe in right here in these pages. I'm not suddenly concerned. I am always concerned.

So get out there and cast your vote. Do what you believe is best for Eve Online. And whatever that decision may or may not be, I'll accept it. That is how much I believe in this community of ours.

It's been a fun ride and I've enjoyed it. I've learned a lot. I've changed my mind a few times. I've had the chance to talk to people I've never talked with before. And I've come away wiser, smarter, and even more convinced that the CSM is something we should care about.

Thank you for your vote.