The Minmater Trailer: Another View

This new Minmater trailer is amazing and if you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to watch it.

I may be the only person on this planet who enjoyed seeing something different in this trailer. A crap ton of Eve Online ships flying around in a planet's atmosphere and NOT exploding! That might sound weird, but let me explain.

I produce a lot of art and creative based on the universe of Eve Online. Have been for almost 13 years now. And many of those pieces have included Eve ships in planetary atmospheres. It's hard to avoid. 

Eve Travel Series: A Little Local
Thing is every single time on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Forums, and here in these pages - wherever my art appears - there will be comments about how it is impossible for Eve ships to enter an atmosphere. I've tried explaining it as creative license, but it always comes up. Eve players are, if anything, a rather literal bunch. 

So let me just have this one moment. And soak in the majesty of not only this new trailer (which isn't the first to show Eve ships in atmospheres btw), but also the overwhelming amount of Eve ships in atmospheres that it does show. And the chance to say a friendly "neaner neaner" to all of those who have commented over the years.

Relax and enjoy the art. It's now cannon.