Stay Frosty Propaganda

 Stay Frosty Propaganda Poster

CCP is running a Corp Propaganda contest, if you haven't heard about it or want details check out this link.

You can submit a poster like the one above, or a video. I obviously chose poster, mostly because the video I recently created was intended for the Alliance Tournament. Plus I hadn't done a poster for awhile. I've been staying out of the Faction Contests on purpose, sometimes I feel like I shouldn't compete and let other people have a chance. I know that sounds pretty arrogant when I say it, but that is not my intention. I can't help that I have 30+ years of professional creative experience. That's just who I am. Anyway, I usually come in second place :)

As always, for those of you that do not know, Stay Frosty is the bastion of independent Piracy in Eve Online and has been for eight years now. Solo, small gang experts. Yarrring along to the beat of our own drummer, cornerstone of the A Band Apart alliance. If you are interested our doors are always open to new recruits. It isn't an easy life, or an easy play-style choice. In my humble opinion that is what makes it great. If you want to challenge yourself personally, then there is no better place to do so in all of Eve Online. You can build your own reputation, score your own destiny, and win your own fights. All with the support and team around you to help make that happen.

Anyway, so few choose the pirate life. It's probably best if you don't.

Either way, we'll find you eventually.