ATXVII ABA Wallpaper


A Band Apart ATXVII Wallpaper

It wouldn't be Alliance Tournament season without some dank Alliance wallpapers to enjoy!

Personally I think this might be my favorite one yet, I really like how it incorporates the Pirate tradition and calls back to history - as if the ghosts of Pirate's past are leading the way forward. It's almost like I know what I'm doing or something.

Only a few more weeks until the AT starts and the pressure is mounting. Last minute tweaks, practices, and strategies are in development. And lots of iskies are being spent on supplies, the industry team in Lucifer's Hammer is hard at work building ships and mods, and the search is on for those few special pieces we need. Speaking of which, once again if anyone wants to support ABA this year donations to Rixx Javix are always accepted. And much appreciated. Your support in years past has been instrumental in helping our team succeed.

Our team has come a long way this year and I'm really happy with our progress. It's never easy bringing everyone back together after such a long break, especially given the stresses of the last year on everyone. Veterans and new team members have really started acting like a team and working together, which is so great to watch happen. Who knows what our fate will be this year, too many factors to contemplate. But I know we'll give as good as we take, and should the fates favor us - we'll be ready.

Until then, enjoy the new wallpaper.