The Pyramids. Agriculture. The Printing Press. Pockets on Shirts. And Eve on Mac.

One gloomy fall day back in 2008 I saw Eve Online for the very first time running on my Son's iMac. My very first question wasn't, "What is this?" it was, "This runs on a Mac!?!" And while his answer was yes, and I immediately went and downloaded it for myself, the real answer wasn't that simple. It didn't really run on a Mac, it only sorta kinda hobbled along running in an emulator. And not often very well.

For those of you who didn't have the opportunity to play Eve before Wine on a Macintosh, let me summarize the experience for you - ARRRRGH!!!! So many technical issues and problems. So many glitches. So many needless deaths. So many challenges. I could go on. And while the eventual Wine transfer did make things better, it still wasn't a great environment. Much less problems on the technical side, but it certainly wasn't utilizing the full potential of the platform.

And then yesterday my launcher updated itself, without issues, and suddenly Eve opened in full 4k glory on my retina display. It was almost a religious experience for me. 5kx3k resolution with the graphics cranked all the way up. Even the dreaded Mac-death settings. And no issues, other than fiddling with the UI scale, the windows were very, very tiny at first. And for the first time ever, up in the corner, it said EVE and not WINE.

I know you PC gamers who are reading these words are silently chuckling to yourselves right now. That's fine. This isn't about you or your experience. For us Mac users this is an epic moment, one we've been waiting for for a very long time. Many of our friends quit playing Eve because of this issue. We've been through a lot. And you really wouldn't understand. This is for us. Finally.

And yes, I feel the pain of those who are struggling with Linux. I really do.

But just let us Mac users have this one moment. Eve is running native on our OS.