Astero | Eight Years Old


Astero Glory

Hard to believe but the Astero (and the SoE ships) have been in the game for eight years now. Way back in November 2013 my first Astero rolled off the assembly line and I started working out fits for it.

My first impression of the new frigate was that it could become the perfect anti-plexer ship and time has certainly proven that initial assumption as true. Today I have well over 500+ kills in the little white ship and it is now my second most used ship in all of Eve. (Comet, Astero, Slicer is my top three, in that order) Over the years the fit has changed and many improvements have been made, but essentially the core concept remains the same. Some players have taken my fit and gone on to have even more success with it than I have over the years. Which is great. The best thing about the Astero remains that even after eight years of use, it continues to be underestimated by the vast majority of players.

Astero In Warp

Astero Killmarks

That was it. Busy day here and I don't have time to write much more. 

Enjoy the pictures.