Eve Travel Poster: Jita

Jita Travel Poster

This one is the last of the series that I was working on in the first batch. Originally I was planning on releasing the first four at once, but I changed my mind. It'll probably be awhile until I get a chance to work on more of these, as I will be taking a short break from Eve for a work trip next week. Most likely I won't be posting again while away, although I can never be sure. But I do know I won't have time to work on any art or anything while I'm away.

Until then, I hope you've enjoyed these first four posters. I do plan on doing many more of them in the future. I'm having a lot of fun doing them and trying to figure out how best to create them. Each one so far has presented unique challenges and I approached each one completely differently. I think that is the right approach, each place seems to determine the style and approach on their own merits. Molea was such an overwhelming graphical shape, while the clouds require a more subtle "painting" style. I do want to find a location that would demand a more simplistic style in the future. And I'm starting to wonder if I didn't approach the entire enterprise the wrong way from the beginning. I don't know. Welcome to the world of constantly second-guessing myself and the choices I make. This is my curse.

The response to these pieces has been extremely muted, so it is entirely possible that no one else gives a shit about them anyway. I might just be speaking to myself in an echo chamber here. If that is the case, then it doesn't matter.

After all, I'm the only person I need to please. Everything else is just gravy.


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