Fly with Stay Frosty

 Stay Frosty "Anarchy" Wallpaper

The single thing I am most proud of in my 13+ years of playing Eve Online is my Corporation Stay Frosty and the pilots that have, are, and continue to fly with us. Stay Frosty has been yarrring in Low Sec (and points beyond) for 8.5 years now and hundreds of pilots have called it home over those years. My goal from the beginning was clear - to build the greatest old-school Pirate Corporation in all of New Eden. And while that designation is highly subjective and possibly salt inducing for some, it would be challenging for anyone to argue that we haven't achieved that goal.

So this is an open invitation to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves as a player, to live the rough and rowdy life of a true criminal (in the eyes of the Empires at least) and join the greatest collection of scum-sucking Pirates in all of New Eden. Do it. What are you waiting for?

I'm personally firing up my weekly Saturday fleets again now that the AT is over and we also have regular Wednesday fleets, daily Wolfpaks, and much more for you to participate in. Our next record-breaking FFA will be coming up in February/March and it looks to be even bigger than the last one - which broke ALL records for most explosions EVER in Low Sec!! And, of course, tournament play. Solo and small gang is our thing. Yadda yadda.

Stay Frosty is not for everyone. But after 8+ years I can tell you this much, if you have the passion, the desire, the will to learn - you can become a fearsome master of space who will be feared. I've seen many, many pilots with potential become great pilots of renown in my years. Our ranks are full of them. And many of our former pilots are leading adventures of their own across New Eden to this day.

So if you are ready to have fun in Eve Online, to test yourself in the cauldron of combat, then consider joining our little merry group of Yarrring players.

Who knows where your path might lead?