A Word about Quitters


I've seen a lot of quitting since I started playing Eve Online back in 2008. And before anyone gets their knickers in a knot, I'm not talking about people who move on, get busy, or otherwise leave the game. Life happens. I understand that. No one expects to play a video game forever. And longevity is not the only goal for players to play. However, I remain (as always), shocked by the ways in which some Eve players choose to quit.

If you spend any amount of time on Eve Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or anywhere else outside of the game (or even inside of it in some cases), you've seen the posts. The boycotts, the rage, the quitters reasons, the extreme search for validation. I'm quitting and I'm taking my 69 alts with me posts. And here are the reasons why. I just wanted to let everyone know my reasons for some temporary feelings of validation. These posts are everywhere and they seem to be multiplying.

Look, I get it. Eve can be very demanding and involved. The pressure that comes from a game that never sleeps can be intense. Every moment you aren't playing is a moment that someone else is playing. And often that pressure comes with a huge downside, which leads to burnout. I feel it all the time, as I expect most Eve players do. That is just the nature of Eve. It never stops, it just keeps rolling along with or without you. And once you've made the decision to jump off that train you want everyone to know the reasons why.

Thing is, no one cares.

I know the truth hurts. And sure, somewhere in the bowels of the universe some machine is keeping tallies on why players leave Eve. Statistics are being compiled. And perhaps someday someone will look at those and wonder at them. But us other players don't give a damn about why you are leaving. All we care about is that you are leaving. We'd rather you stay. But we also understand that Eve isn't for everyone, and that sometimes people want to spend their time doing something else. That's fine. We'll miss you and we hope you stay in touch, but we also understand that you might not. Life moves on.

But telling us that you are butt hurt over changes to the Orca, or whatever new reason is popular at the moment - we don't care. I've been playing since 2008 and I've seen it all. I saw people jump off over the dumbest reasons a dozen times. Over Walking in Stations, over not having Walking in Stations. Over trivia, over legit bad decisions, and ones that shortly were fixed. Or changed yet again. Over CCP not having enough resources, and over CCP being bought so they have more resources. Over changes to the community team, or firings, or roadmaps, or whatever the heck pisses people off next.

It's boring.

Players come and players go, it is the big churn. You leaving isn't changing anything. Your boycott. Your anger. Nothing. Why? Because you don't play anymore. You are no longer a player. And Eve is for the players.

So go ahead and leave. I'm sure you have good reasons. And I hope you find peace and happiness. But stop looking for validation from us players who choose to stay. You don't want to be a part of us anymore? Good for you. The rest of us have things to do.

And yes, some day down the road I might quit playing Eve. And when I do it will be huge news, I'll write a ton of words about it. But no where in those words will I look for validation from anyone. My words will be about the amazing adventures I've had, the incredible players I flew with, and the amazing community I was proud to be a part of. Because that is how you leave. With dignity and respect for a game that has given you so much.

Truth sandwich.