Broadcast 4 Reps

A few months ago I started working on a mental health initiative at work based on social media, it is an exciting project driven by some of the largest online retailers in the world. And I'm fortunate enough to be working on it with the company I work for. Exciting project. And it made me think of Broadcast 4 Reps and how it fills a very similar role within the Eve community. I went back and re-watched the original B4R video I was a part of back in 2015 and realized something... almost everyone in that video is no longer playing Eve Online. And many of the people at CCP no longer work there. Not to mention that it uses many out-dated terms and ways of thinking about our community. It is almost seven years old after all.

I thought, maybe it is time for a new B4R video. But I wasn't sure. So I reached out to my friends Tovanis and Jezaja who are the current admins for B4R and brought the idea to them. They were extremely enthusiastic about it and we started talking about how to approach a new video. I knew right from the very beginning, if we did this it needed to include more players from a wider background, areas of activity, and approaches to the game and community. A lot has changed since 2015 and I wanted to ensure we captured as much of that change as possible. So we developed a a group of 50 players who we thought represented the widest possible spectrum possible and invited each of them to participate. 

This all started over two months ago. My goal from the beginning was to try and get this completed for New Years, and I'm proud to say we managed to accomplish that goal. I want to thank everyone who responded positively and enthusiastically to this idea and spent the time to make a submission. You all are my heroes and thank you so very much. While Covid, real life, and other issues kept some from being able to participate, the overwhelming positivity from most of you made this project something special. I'm a huge fan of the original and I've always been proud to have been a part of it. But there are eight players in that version, and we managed to get 27 players and Mom Bellicose into this one. That is a huge accomplishment.

So a very, very special thank you to all involved. This was a very emotional project, especially over the holidays. This is my first holiday season without my Mom and that made it even more impactful for me to be editing these submissions and listening to this message a thousand times in the last few days.

But let's remember the real message here is one of hope. And one about a community full of real people willing to help their fellow players.

No matter what, always remember - you never fly alone.

If you need help, please Broadcast 4 Reps.