Happy Holidays


ABA 2021 Holiday Wallpaper

As has been tradition for as long as I can remember, it is time once again for the annual original Holiday Wallpaper!! This year I decided to go in a slightly new direction inspired by my work this past Summer on the Community Beat graphics for CCP. In the best spirit of the Holidays I want to wish you and yours the very best this Holiday Season. No matter where, what, or how, I sincerely hope you have a safe and wonderful time with friends and family.

Yesterday I realized that this coming January 12th I will have been writing Eveoganda for 12 years now. I'm sure that I will be doing something then around the anniversary, but until then (and in light of the upcoming holidays) I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the support over those years. If you are reading these words then you are very important to me. No one comments on blogs like they used to, but even so I can see the viewer numbers and I know you are there. It helps knowing I'm not writing into a vacuum. So thank you. 

Happy Holidays from all of us that fly with Stay Frosty & A Band Apart.