12 Years of Eveoganda


2,716 posts later twelve years have passed. I have literally written more words about Eve Online than any other human being on the planet. Just let that sink in for a minute.

And that doesn't take into account the insane number of wallpapers, videos, comics, banners, logos, and everything else that has happened since 2010. Or 2008 when I actually started playing Eve Online. Whichever anniversary you want to count. Sheesh. And let's not forget hats, frills, wcs, and the dozens of other things that have happened as a result of this platform, my soap box. The wars started, the wars ended. The thieves exposed. The hacks. The time my private information was exposed. The CCP projects, the CCP cease and desist letters. The sheer insanity of it all. How to even start encapsulating twelve years of adventure into one post?

I can't. All I know is I keep plodding along in these pages without an end in sight. There are days that I wonder why I keep writing and days when I can't wait to write more. There are still days when I write an entire post only to delete it and days when I write something that pours out of me. Days I struggle. And days when it just flows like water. Blogging isn't a glamorous business. For whatever reason, generally speaking, it gets looked down upon. Especially here in the Eve community. Especially these last five years or so. My fellow Blog Pack bloggers have all but vanished into the ether and only a few stalwarts remain active here and there. The last bastion. Twitch streaming, video production, these are all activities that get more attention, generate more potential for income (something this blog has never, ever done) and more prestige within the community. Blogging doesn't.

I said from the beginning that I was writing this for myself. Whatever else might or might not happen would never impact my desire to keep pounding out words, images, and opinions. At least as long as I kept playing Eve. Those two things are intertwined. And they always will be. I'll stop writing this blog when I stop playing Eve. Which, let's face it, might be the day I finally push up the daises.

2010 was twelve years ago. The mind boggles. 

Back then in my very first post I said, "I created Eveoganda to be a place to put the art I do for Eve and a place to talk about the game, how the art came to be, and anything else I can think of. We'll see how it goes."

We'll see how it goes. Indeed. Let's stick with that as the founding principle and let it continue to guide us into the next twelve years. Thanks for reading and for sharing the adventure.

I appreciate you.


  1. Congratulations! Your blog can almost play Eve within the PG13 rating now. :D


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