8TH Annual FFA!



Last year's FFA set the all-time record for explosions in Low Sec! Not satisfied with those results, we are working hard to triple the amount of FREE ships we'll be handing out this year!! And we've expanded the event by 2 additional hours - from 16:00 to 22:00 Eve time.

On March 19th in beautiful Ouelletta Stay Frosty and A Band Apart will be hosting our 8th Annual Frigate Free for all and you are invited to attend. Not only will we be handing out free frigates for anyone who wants one, but we'll also be hiding some special ships in amongst those we'll be handing out. We'll also have plenty of action as special ships will be undocked along the way, prizes will be awarded, free skins given away, OMG the sheer awesomeness of this event!! And I didn't even mention the CCP Devs that will be attending, or the multiple live-streams, or the... well, I can't give everything away.

So be sure to mark your calendars and set aside March 19th as the day you warp to Letta and enjoy some good old-fashioned PvP, as risk-free and as much fun as we can make it. If you've been to these before you know how much fun they are and if you haven't? Now is the perfect time to get started, let's blow the doors off of last year's records and set the bar so high that next year's event... hmm, I hadn't considered this. What the heck will we do next year!?!!

By the way, if anyone is interested in donating ships to help us reach our 10,000 ship goals, please DM me on Discord or in-game and we can work out the details. In addition, if you want to provide content for your stream, video project, or just derp a Titan to a bunch of Frigates, just let me know. The more the merrier and with six hours of action, we have plenty of space to fit you in.

As always, more details and more information as the event date draws closer, so be sure to keep your eyes on these pages.

I hope to see you in space!


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