Doctor Who Video Response


Once again Rushlock has created a video response to my last post and I think it only fair that I post it here for you to listen to.

Overall I think his review is more than fair. I wrote my post almost immediately after hearing the news yesterday and I probably would have changed a few things after having the entire day to think about it more. But essentially my opinion hasn't changed much. As a diehard fan of Eve Online I want it to continue to thrive well into the future. And while I personally might not enjoy everything that CCP does in the game, or frankly even have access to it due to my -10 status, that doesn't immediately mean I also hate it. Far too many players view Eve from their own limited perspectives and anything outside of that perspective is immediately bad for Eve. That isn't how this works.

And yes I am aware how Dev hours work. Back when Abyssal space became a thing I spent a lot of time talking about how that development time would be used as a foundation for future work. I also remember hoping that it would translate into additional Faction Warfare development, even as recently as last year's CSM campaign. So yes, I'm sure this crossover fits well within that framework. But that doesn't mean I still do not hope it translates into additional content down the road. Just to clarify.

And I did use Marvel as an example on purpose. I've been a Marvel Comics reader since I was young. My first paid commission was in fifth grade when a fellow student paid me five bucks for a drawing I did of Iron Man. And Rushlock is correct, back in the early nineties I served as the Creative Director on many of Fleer Entertainment's Marvel trading card sets, such as X-Men Ultra, Marvel Metal, Marvel Masterpieces, and others. I even spent six months of my life developing a trading card game for them called Marvel OverPower. (There was even a DC version as well) So yeah, my nerd runs very deep.

The statue of Iron Man currently sitting off to the side of my computer says hello.