Doctor Who?


Doctor Who is coming to Eve Online.

When I saw this it took me ten minutes to recover from the shock. So if you need time, please return after a short period to read why you shouldn't care about this cross-over event. I promise to be gentle.

First of all let's remember that it recently SNOWED in space. Let's remember that somewhere in New Eden there is a monolith from 2001 A Space Odyssey floating around. Let's remember the Yule Lads and the countless other moments of lore-breaking, real-world breaking, nonsense that Eve has historically reveled in. Ok? Deep breath, everything is going to be ok. And I'm not even going to mention the thousands of players in Eve whose character names break lore, or mention memes, or any of the hundred other things that break things.

Look, I don't like this. I don't. But I also don't like NFTs, or snow in space, or a lot of other things about Eve Online. And I often sigh deeply when I see how the state of gaming is progressing (or regressing) out in the real world. But Eve is almost two decades old now and it is slowly and surely evolving along with everything else. We can't stop it. It won't stop. And events like this new Doctor Who thing are going to keep happening until Eve figures it out. Or dies trying.

This cross-over won't impact my game play. I doubt it will impact yours.

It might bring in new players and it might not. I dunno. It will get a lot of press and once more Eve will be in the news. At the very least it is a science-fiction relation and not a Marvel movie. At least, not yet.

These are my early thoughts. I reserve the right to continue to develop my opinion in the coming days. For now I'm sticking with sadness that it has come to this, hope that it brings in new players, and the dim light that the hours and hours of Dev time spent developing this event will trickle down in some meaningful way to the parts of the game that really matter.

Onward & upward.


  1. Just make sure that your overview shows 'tardis'.

    You'll probably want to overheat that upper rack.

  2. It's just 2 weeks....stop being gobdamned babies. Be happy ccp is at least trying to get some new blood in. It's about time we accept the fact that we're a niche group of gamers who enjoy a niche game and if we want to see our game survive, we need to accept that it will have to adapt and stop bitching about every little thing ccp does to try and make that happen.


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