FFA Wallpaper


2022 FFA Wallpaper

Ok last post about the upcoming 3FA until we get a bit closer to the actual date. I had some time yesterday to finish the wallpaper, so that is the finished piece up in the header above. Please feel free to share it, or the post from yesterday, in your own Discord channels.

I'll be promoting this more once mid-February rolls around. I like to give everyone an early head's up on these massive events and then hit the street harder a few weeks out. The reaction so far has been tremendous and already the donations and support are rolling in. I can't share everything yet, but this is going to turn out to be something truly historic. Y'know, I was thinking about this a bit yesterday while working to finish the wallpaper - this is the eighth annual version of this FFA - but I've been running events since 2009 when I held the very first Deathrace thru Providence. Heck, when I was with the Tuskers we held two FFA events and another Deathrace. I don't often think of myself as an event organizer, but I suppose I am. I've lost count of the total number tbh.

Anyway, enjoy the wallpaper and share the event links around the neighborhood. And I look forward to seeing you in space, having fun, on March 19th.

Can't wait. It's going to be historic.

PS: I tend to refer to these with the acronym FFA, but when you think about it there is an extra "F" in there. Frigate Free For All. So it really should be FFFA. But that's weird. So I've started using 3FA as a replacement. But then that doesn't quite work either, does it? I did consider FF4A as an option, but all-in-all I think I'll just stick with FFA. It isn't entirely accurate, but it has stood the test of time.