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A Band Apart is looking for a few good Corporations. Today we welcomed Average Pilots and their CEO Joebane Matheon back into the family and it got me thinking that right now is a good time to open the doors to some new blood. For those of you new to these pages, let me tell you a little about ABA and our mission in-game.

A Band Apart operates as a family of players first and foremost. The home of Stay Frosty and a very active group of industrialist in Lucifer's Hammer, ABA also welcomes other Corporations that have other interests, or whose interests might often overlap. When we formed ABA almost nine years ago the original intention was to have our Corporations serve different niches in the game. At first this worked out really well and we grew fast. But over time it has become clear that such a rigid world-view is not the best way to think about things. It turns out that great Corporations are run by great people. And great people, great players, work together really well.

So we're looking for some great leaders who have great Corporations looking for a home. To be clear up-front ABA is an open, friendly, and welcoming Alliance. We have a zero tolerance policy for negativity, anger, or intolerance. This is an alliance for mature players who enjoy playing Eve Online. While that might not be for everyone, this is the way we choose to play the game. Other than that, we don't ask for much. Our fleets are always open to the entire Alliance and all players are welcome to join in on gangs, wormhole ops, null sec ops, industrial ops, mining fleets, and whatever else happens to be going on. We also operate a very active Discord community and many players who no longer play hang out with us.

So let's be clear. ABA is not the place for single person Corps looking to grow. However, it is a great place for 10+ Corps with a solid core to operate and grow. So much of what helps Corps grow is the infrastructure and support that comes from being in an Alliance. Many of our former Corporations have gone on to great things and many have decided to stay. Or continue to work with us.

So, what next? Feel free to DM me on Discord if you are interested, it is the best way to contact me and talk. I am RixxJavix#0867 on Discord. In-game contact also works, or you can join our in-game public channel EVEOGANDA to talk to one of us. 

And, as always, being in the Alliance means I won't shoot you. Normally. Unless you want me to.

Hope to see you in space.


  1. As a newer member of LH and ABA. I have received nothing but open arms. The group is truly a friendly group. Every question answered and every help given.
    There are centuries of combined knowledge in the group.
    Couldn't ask for better Corp and alliance to be part of

    1. Always makes me feel good to hear such positive comments. Thanks for flying with us!


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