Looking Ahead


On January 19th, Eveoganda will be celebrating its 12th birthday. Looking ahead to the new year reveals a lot to look forward to, as many milestones will be crossed and celebrated. In May Stay Frosty will be 9 years old and the A Band Apart alliance will be 8 years old. Hopefully around that time we'll be making our 5th trip to Iceland to attend our 4th Fanfest (last year we went to visit Iceland in the Summer without Fanfest). And sometime this year we'll be holding another Steel City Eve player meet-up at our home. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. At some point in the next few months Rixx will be celebrating his 10,000th kill in Eve Online. Hard to say when that will happen, obviously, but it should take about 3-4 months depending on activity levels. That milestone has been a long-term goal of mine forever.

I'm sure there are other dates and anniversaries I'm forgetting as I write this. And those will be celebrated along the journey. But the new year brings along with it more than just dates on a calendar, or moments in time worthy of note. It also brings along a moment to consider the path forward, what do we want from the new year? This is the 19th year of Eve Online, 14 of which I have been playing the game. As we fast forward into the third decade of Eve's existence, what am I looking forward to?

As a player whose time remains relatively limited my struggle in-game is to continue to keep the fires burning not only for me, but for all of those in my circle. This is not an easy task, as Stay Frosty and ABA both need a lot of attention, content, and leadership to keep activity levels up and growth potentials high. This focus will remain my first priority in the coming year. No matter what else may come along, my goal is primarily focused on the well being of my Corporation/Alliance.

Otherwise I don't really have any larger scale goals for the new year. For once I just want to sit back and enjoy playing Eve and flying with my friends. No agenda. No overarching goals to achieve outside of the game. We've got a FFA to plan and execute, one that will set new records across the board. And I'm very excited about that. And I'd really like to put together a winning AT team this year, one that can achieve more than we managed to achieve in 2021.

I'm going to fly more ships from the bottom of my all-time list. And try some new things in the coming year. Who knows what might happen?

Whatever it is, you'll hear about it here in these pages. So I hope you continue to read this bastion of a time long gone and continue to share my journey with me. 12 years is a long time to keep a blog about a video game up and running.

Thanks for being here.