MacGybo: High Sec Ganker


High Sec ganking is something that I've never really understood. In the past we'd sometimes form up a bunch of cheap Thrashers and have a positive sec scout find some juicy target that we'd all warp to and blap, but then we all get killed by the cops and that gets old after a few tries. Especially if the target manages to escape that first volley. Way back in the early days I tried tricking people into opening cans to get aggro, or station camping war targets, or y'know all of those things you do in HS so as not to get bored. But ganking has always been a mystery to me.

And then MacGybo came along. And while he uses the past tense in his videos about being in Stay Frosty, that is only a technicality. We all consider him to still be a part of our corp, even though there are some members who don't exactly appreciate his tactics. I'm not one of them. I've learned from watching his videos, and from the insane kill-mails he shares on our Discord - that there is a lot more to this than I ever imagined. There is certainly an art to it. And while it might not be my play-style, I can appreciate the effort, planning, and skill it takes to make it work for you. And this guy has got it figured out.

If you haven't watched him work, I recommend watching his videos and checking out some of his more insane kill-mails. It is simply amazing to me the things that people try to carry from one station to another.