FFA on March 19th


You've probably seen the billboard I created running inside of Eve by now. Special thanks to CCP Fozzie for the idea and CCP Convict for contacting me and making it happen. I thanked them both on Twitter but I don't remember mentioning it here in these pages. So, I just did. I understand that the idea is to make this kind of thing available to other in-game events as well, and that is something I can support 100%. As usual, happy to be the first and hopeful not to be the last.

If you have never attended one of our FF4A events before then I strongly encourage you to do so. They are insanely fun and for most of us the only time we'll have a chance to fight in a system with hundreds and hundreds of other pilots, streamers, CCP Devs, and others of all kinds from everywhere in Eve. Just six hours of mayhem and madness. Last year's event was record-breaking with CCP Fozzie confirming that we killed more spaceships in one day than at any other time in Low Sec EVER! And I know that this year's event will be even bigger. I'd hate for you to miss it.

Last year I undocked a Nag. This year I haven't decided yet what I will be undocking, but I can tell you that we will have more Dreads, Orcas, and other ships of interest on the field at various times. In fact, anyone is free to bring whatever they want along for the fun. Just know that with hundreds of frigates on the field they won't last long - but they will be extremely appreciated and enjoyed. It is such a blast. 

For hosting events like this we do ask for a few minor things and I hope everyone will appreciate why we ask for these few concessions. First of all, don't be a dick. Most of the pilots in local are experiencing PvP for the first time and we want to encourage them to do so. So no podding please. That means that smart-bombs are not allowed. We want the players to be able to re-ship quickly and re-join the fight. Not have to slow boat back from home. We also ask that pilot refrain from using lock breakers to up their kill counts. Ships tagged as smart-bombers or lock-breakers will be hunted down in local. Otherwise this event is for everyone, of any skill level, to enjoy, participate in, and learn from. Bring your own ships, or dock up in the designated structures to get your own FREE ships. This year, in addition to the normal array of fully-fitted Frigates - we have also sprinkled in some surprises to hand out.

I love hosting these and we will continue to do so as long as people continue having fun.

Can't wait. Now to decide on what to bring.