Vexor Illustration Process


I never made a timelapse of myself working before. It honestly never occurred to me that anyone would ever be interested in such a thing. Hindsight, right? Well I do get asked about it all the time now and I promise that the next time I sit down to actually do something new I will try. In the meantime my last full bore, from scratch Eve spaceship illustration was this Vexor back in 2020. And it turns out that I actually saved all the levels involved in the illustration, which isn't exactly the same as a timelapse - but it is still a pretty cool way to watch it come together.

The only thing missing here is the pencil sketch that I scanned in and used as a template for the illustration. Sadly that is long gone now. In fairness the reference images are also gone, the screenshot I took of my Vexor for lighting reference, also gone. I use a lot of references because these spaceships are complicated and it is easy to lose track of all the fiddly bits.

Here is the Steel City Eve poster that this illustration turned into.