FF4A In 7 Days!


In case you've been living in a cave next Saturday will be the 8th Annual Stay Frosty & ABA FF4A in Ouelletta between 16:00 - 22:00 UTC. We officially have 22,569 fully fitted T1 Frigates and T1 Destroyers to hand out to anyone who docks in the designated structures and requests them. In fact, our goal is to hand them all out. So do not be shy. Along the way lots of special ships will be appearing, undocking, and otherwise showing up in local to engage with. And I'm also sure, as always, that some things will happen that cannot be planned for. All in all expect six hours of insanity, lunacy, and plenty of good old-fashioned PvP. Players of all ages are welcome to attend. I can't imagine why you wouldn't show up frankly.

There will be plenty of Streamers, a bunch of CCP Devs in local you can shoot at, and tons of chances to engage with famous faces and maybe even get a Pirate Lord killmail. Oh yes, I'll be out there flying around in spaceships as well. In fact, I have several very special surprises up my sleeve as well thanks to donations by @mcnicollme and @JohnnyVirpio from Tweetfleet and others. Look for even more surprises in my ship wrecks! You'll want to check those.

I'd also like to give a very special shout-out to CCP Fozzie and the entire CCP Community Team for all of their help and coordination for this year's event. CCP has always supported my events and I've always appreciated that support, but this year has seen an entirely new level of dedication. I am proud to be the test subject for what I hope will be an increased level of support for other player-run events in the future. From what I have been told that is the intention. From billboards running in-game, to skill plans for young players, agency support, launcher, a mention on Pulse, and more. It is sincerely appreciated.

I ran my very first player event back in 2010 when Eveoganda was just getting started. About 150 players showed up to race each other through Providence from one High-Sec gate to another. Since then I've held 3 Deathraces, and 10 FF4As, this one will be the 8th under the Stay Frosty banner. Back in those early days we would have "fitting parties" that would last for hours and hours while we fitted individual ships numbering in the thousands. I believe for our very first FF4A we managed to fit up about 2,500 Frigates to hand out. Thank Bob for multi-fit!!

Pardon me for being a bit proud of how far we've come. And I say we on purpose, for these events have never been about me personally. But about the players, the team that supports them, and everyone who becomes involved along the way. I'm proud of them all. And these events would never have been successful if they were just an ego-trip of mine. Despite what some might have believed at times, that was never my purpose or my goal.

My only goal is for everyone who attends to have fun, to experience PvP combat in Eve Online (many for the first time ever) and to make that red dot on the Eve map as big as we can make it.

So I do hope you will come. You can show up anytime in local. Watch the local chat for instructions on which structures will be active and dock up to collect your ships. And then undock into the madness with a smile on your face, laughing at the danger, and reveling in that feeling that suddenly grips your heart. There is nothing else like it in all of gaming. Nothing.

I hope to see you there.