The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


It has been awhile since I've written one of these posts. Possibly five years. I dunno, the last one I could find was from 2017, but I freely admit my search was cursory. Anyway, this used to be a regular feature and I thought I should bring it back. Not because anyone was asking for it, because no one did. And unless you've been secretly waiting five years for it to return, which I sincerely doubt, you probably have no ide what the Hell I'm talking about. So let me explain. This here is when I talk about recent fights I've had and lump them into three categories - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Make sense now?

The Ugly - Dramiel and friends

I was returning to Letta yesterday in my 27 killmark Dramiel when I spotted the other Dramiel on scan near the station. Now local had been pretty weird all day around our home system, lots of activity and a few gangs roaming around looking for trouble. There had been some station fighting earlier, but for the most part I had ignored all of that and gone out roaming. But a good Dram Vs Dram fight sounded like a great idea. So I warped to a Novice and slid inside. Sure enough the other Dramiel joined me and we got started shooting each other. Which is when the first Worm entered the plex, followed by another Worm and a Comet. At this point all I could do was OH everything, align out, and wait to explode. As good as I am at PvP there are times like this when it just doesn't matter.

I did warp back to station and fit up another Dramiel. I do like this fit a lot.

The Good - Moa and Bob

Sometimes Bob provides. I was out in my Garmur looking for targets and noticed a Moa on scan. As best as I could tell he was somewhere in the general area of some belts in system. Now normally this most likely means he is running a mission in that thing and looking for him without probes would be pointless. But you don't become the Pirate Lord by giving up so easily. I warped into one belt and found it empty. As expected. He was still on scan and as I was considering my next move - he warped into the belt and landed about 32k from me. Which, as you know, is within point range of my Garmur. Since we were in a Wolfpack fleet I told everyone to come over to help me out. It would have been a great solo kill, but his Acolyte IIs were hurting, and that is a busy system, plus I'm not a greedy person. Share and share alike.

And yes, I do realize the counter situation between the first post and this one. Notice that I did not use the word "blob" in the first example. Even though it probably was one, I intend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

The Bad - What Plex is this!?!?

Even I make mistakes. I saw the Enyo on scan and instead of scanning the inside of the plex I had just landed on, which I normally do, I went ahead and slid into it. I did this because, for some stupid reason, I thought it was a Novice plex. Which meant that only the Atron would be inside. Lo and behold they were both in there when I landed. Needless to say this fight did not go well for me. Because this was actually a Medium plex. Sigh.

Who else would share something like that?

The Ugly - Sorry, just passing thru

I always strive to bring the appropriate ship for the fight at hand. I really do. I could make bank on killing everyone in super blingy OP shit, but that is just not my style. But even so, it doesn't always work out that way. Yesterday I was chasing some Jackdaws around in my Jackdaw killing Lachesis and sadly hadn't gotten any of them to stay put long enough to kill them. Close, but no cigar. We had chased another one in this system when I saw the Thrasher inside a medium. I've never used the Lachesis to fight anything other than Jackdaws before, so I figured why not? I will give Richard all the credit for being an awesome human being about it, he did manage to kill three of my drones, and understanding the situation. I still feel bad.

The Bad - Empty Ships!

I could post a million examples here, but this is just the most recent. I don't know about you but I think empty ships running FW plex is just about the most abhorrent situation in all of Low Sec right now. This is much, much worse than WCS ever were. You shouldn't be able to achieve anything inside of Eve with an unfitted ship! It's a POX!

Please make it stop.