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Waiting To Jump

Fanfest is next week. The Anger Games are coming up and practice continues. I'm hard at work on Clear Skies V with Ian Chisholm. I'm trying to find something to donate to the charity auction. Helped Greygal with the new Pilot's Licenses for AbleGamers - which you can pick up at Fanfest for a donation. And some other projects which shall remain secret for the time being. In other words, it is a busy time.

Before I move on to other things, just a quick note regarding Fanfest. And I say this every time, please do not be shy about introducing yourself. I'm at Fanfest to meet players and I'd love to meet you. Especially if we've never had the chance before. I want you to come up and introduce yourself. Just be respectful if I'm already in a conversation with someone else, that is all I ask. If you'd like a photo that is also perfectly fine. I will have swag bags available to hand out. I've got lots of goodie bags with stickers, pins, buttons and other awesome swag in them just for you. If you don't have anything to trade in return, meeting you and saying hello is payment enough. Free swag. Free Rixx. You can't beat that.

This Fanfest I've tried to keep the commitments to a minimum so we can enjoy the festivities and have a relaxing time. There is always stuff to do and places to be, but after the whirlwind of our first Fanfest back in 2015 I've learned to better temper the activities I promise to be a part of. So, voice of experience here - make sure to leave time for yourself. And have fun. 

Short post today. I have some more work to do to get things ready. 

Until next time. Oh, and one other thing:

I'm brining along two limited-edition Steel City Eve posters of my original art for auction. These are both exclusive event only posters that you could only get by attending our meet-up. Each one is signed by me and will only be available at this event to support the Children's Hospital.

So be sure to be there!


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