Fanfest 2022


Fanfest is just around the corner. Finally. After what seems like forever we'll be returning to Reykjavik shortly to reunite with old friends, make new ones, and share stories - probably more about our survival of the pandemic than internet spaceships to be honest. This will be our fifth Fanfest in Iceland and our sixth trip to that amazing country. We got tired of waiting and went last Summer to visit during the warmer months.

We often travel extra days when we go to allow time for sightseeing. But this year, since we've travelled so many times before, we are just going for Fanfest. We arrive on Wednesday and leave on Sunday. So it'll be our shortest visit yet I believe. This will be the first Fanfest we've attended that hasn't been held at Harpa, so I'm very curious about the new location and what that will bring to the experience. Should be interesting to say the least. This is also the first Fanfest that I'll be attending without anything to do. No meetings, no artwork to sell, no agenda, no presentations, no roundtables, I don't really have anything planned or anywhere I have to be. This was on purpose. For once I just want to go and have fun. Without having anything else to worry about.

As usual I will be bringing along swag to hand out. I will admit that some of what I'm bringing along was intended for Fanfest 2020, especially the Big Red Dot stickers. But I figure those are collectables now and part of the history of Eve. I also have new stuff that no one has seen before. So, as always, do not be shy about coming up to me and asking for swag. I want to meet you. We can talk, or I can just hand you a bag of swag and you can be on your way. Or we can get a photo together. Totally up to you and I really, really, honestly don't mind. It is the entire reason I am there. So please, feel free to come up to me and engage. Just be polite about it, especially if I'm already in a conversation. 

After such a long break I'm not sure what to expect from this Fanfest. I'm trying not to set my expectations too high, but I can't avoid thinking that something big has to be on the agenda. Something exciting, unexpected, and new. I hope I'm not wrong. I hope we don't get more iterations on a theme, or at the very least not just more iterations on a theme. I can always hope that something regarding Faction Warfare or Low Sec will be on the agenda, but again, I'm not actually expecting that. New ships? New ship models? Some sign of a return to updating old models would be welcome news. That progression seemed to stop once ship skins were introduced. If CCP is going to announce Alliance Logos on ships, this would be the Fanfest to finally do it. Hell, I don't believe anyone would mind if that came with a price tag at this point.

I could go on and on about what could happen. But the best things are the ones you aren't expecting. It would be amazing to be surprised - in a good way. So fingers crossed that something like that happens.

I'm very excited to see everyone again. Or for the first time. If this is your first Fanfest I hope you enjoy yourself. And I hope you leave some time to be able to explore Iceland, even just a little. The Golden Circle is an easy tour from Reykjavik and the first thing everyone should make time to do on their very first visit. Or the southern coast road, which is just a day long drive down the coast that takes you by some amazing places and ends at the black sand beach. Or you can take an entire day and drive all the way out to the east coast and back, which is doable but rather brutal. Best thing is to make that a two day drive with a stay over at a hotel or camp site. Or you can explore Reykjavik, there is plenty to do and see in the city. Great food, wonderful people, and plenty to keep anyone busy.

Fanfest is back, finally. Can't wait.


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