Rixx For CSM Update


Let me be clear from the outset here to help avoid any confusion - I will NOT be running for CSM again this year.

I may run again at some point in the future, but it won't be this year. I learned a lot running my campaign last year and the things I learned have caused me great concern about not only the process of running but also the effectiveness of the actual institution I was running for. Those concerns remain. The CSM remains a fine institution and I have nothing but respect for those on the CSM and for those who wish to seek office on that institution. Please do not misunderstand me. One can be critical of the actual institution and its effectiveness without being critical of those serving on it. 

So why not run again?

1. I don't believe an independent candidate has a legitimate chance to be elected without major Null Bloc support of some kind. Which is irony of the highest order. I'd certainly welcome any support freely given, but I can't run the risk of being seen favoring any specific group. My independence is not for sale.

2. It takes a lot of effort. This isn't a reason as much as it is the reality. I ran a very aggressive campaign last year and appeared on every show, podcast, stream, or other event I could. I produced a lot of content, videos, wallpapers, posts, road maps, consulted with dozens of groups, people, and anyone that wanted to help. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. But it is a huge commitment and I have other priorities. That is just reality.

3. I also remain convinced that I am far more effective at what I want to accomplish in the wild than I would be serving on the CSM under an NDA. And this remains the real reason why I've chosen not to run again. Remember that last year, in the same week as I announced my campaign, CCP released an update that effectively addressed large portions of my platform. All without my being on the CSM. And while this certainly hampered my campaign, it also showed that I didn't need to be on the CSM to help address change. (And before anyone gets tied into a knot, I am not saying I am the only one out here trying to get things done. I've never, ever said that.)

4. I like the way things are now. I enjoy my relationships with CCP and the employees, many of whom I consider to be friends. I enjoy helping out with things like "The Community Beat" and "Freaky Frigates" and the support we got for our recent FF4A. And having open and honest discussions with them. I wouldn't want that to change.

5. Faction Warfare. And here we are again, another year gone and not a single update on Low Sec. To say I'm disappointed is an under-statement. Despite every single candidate I shared a screen with last year telling us they supported my platform and understood how important FW is and how much it needed addressed - silence. Again. Meh.

The CSM performs an important function as a sounding board for CCP and a filter thru which changes appear on TQ. That is the mission. And, as such, when allowed to function in that manner - they do a great job. I have no complaints regarding that function. It is not intended to be a force for change and asking it, or expecting it, to be so is our problem - not the CSM's problem. This has been an issue of expectations for as long as the CSM has been around. 

If I had been fortunate enough to be elected last year I most likely would have had to resign due to real life work commitments. And this is the real reason I am not running again. It would just take too much time away from more important things. I'm already running a Corporation and an Alliance in-game, I'm the Captain of our Anger Games team, and we just hosted the most popular in-game player run event in Eve history. I have a lot on my plate. And I wouldn't want any of those things to suffer because I'm running another campaign. And I also wouldn't want my potential CSM role to suffer either. I've always been an "all-in" person and if I can't give something my full attention, I'd just rather not do it.

Again, maybe someday. But not this year.

Hopefully we'll have some good Low Sec candidates to support this year.