Pilot Profiles: Hunzy 0511


In the long and storied history of Stay Frosty there have been numerous pilots who have stood out for various reasons. Great tactical genius. Incredible brawlers. Master kiters. Pilots who took Sov on their own one day. Pilots who started wars. Pilots who blaze and then fade away. And everything you can imagine in-between. And then there is Hunzy. If I undock in Ouelletta and see a Retriever on scan, nine times out of ten it is Hunzy. Or a Venture. Or Bob knows what other weird, unexpected, super-tanked ship he might be flying next. Hunzy is one of a kind. A fearless, funny, exceptional pilot in his own right who enjoys being slightly different from everyone else. And who has accumulated over 500 kills in a Venture, most of them solo.

• How did you get started in Eve Online?

I have always enjoyed PVP, for me there is nothing like putting your skills against a real person/opponent in any game. I love strategy games. My favorite board game is RISK, which is a great way to shake salt and ruin any family gathering. I was lured into EVE by tales of its scale and massive multiplayer community. Stories of people using the sandbox to exact amazing feats of whatever their creativity, imagination, and skills can create. NO LIMITS. 

What I discovered was EVE is the greatest game of all time, almost a second life. I compare it to the movie TRON where Flynn the dude gets sucked into the arcade game. EVE is the original meta verse. Petty scammers, industrialist, average guys just trying to make a living, people building massive in game banks then stealing all the money, and honest people building their whole game on being honest and brokering deals worth billions of ISK. EVE is Awesome.

• How did you get into Piracy? 

Piracy was on my radar from the get-go, but how do you get there with no ISK? YouTube told me exploration is how you get instantly rich. 20 min into the game I bailed on the tutorial and made my way to a worm hole. I had my trusty alpha clone Imicus, a data analyzer, and all my stuff. I scanned and jumped into my first hole, Feeling all spooked and nervous I de-cloaked. Instantly I saw red on my overview. Ear buds went BOOOM and I died right there, one volley, it scared me to death. The guy convo'd me “what r u doing here?” obviously I didn’t belong. He gave me some ISK and kept me going. Said he was AFK not paying attention and I de-cloaked him, he did what eve players do they shoot first. LOL

I failed at exploration, after several attempts and being destitute. I venture mined enough ISK to get a sweet T1 Atron. I ended up in Low Sec ratting when this flashy guy named Darkon Chanlin popped into local. I had watched the YouTube tutorial, so I was d-scanning 14 AU Atron :), 5 AU Atron:), …… run run!!! Darkon landed on grid and locked me, I’m all freaking out! I warped to the sun. He landed right behind me at the sun. Warping to the station. I’m screaming WARP WARP. I made it to the station and Darkon was still right behind me. I docked SAFE! 

Whew… took a minute to gather myself and marked Darkon Red. (Darkon is still marked red, LOL) Kind of a token or remembrance. He and I started talking, and he offered me a 1v1. I wanted it but knew I stood no chance. Finally, he offered me a 1v1 and ship reimbursement - he was bored, and what do I have to loose? He said Sun. I undocked and warped to the sun, adrenaline was rushing and for me this was my moment my 1st PVP. I died, but I was hooked. 

He invited me to join Stay Frosty, gave me some tips and fits. He kept his word and reimbursed my ship which I had spent considerable time mining. I was hesitant on joining a group of blood thirsty pirates because I’d heard of bad corps and people being dragged into slavery and made to do horrible things in EVE. After I slept on it and a google search about ABA and reading about Rixx Javix’s experience. His Pirate Code, fly what you want, how you want. I knew Stay Frosty was the place for me.

• What is your favorite thing to do in Eve?

My favorite activity is baiting, I enjoy fooling other players into thinking they have the upper hand when they don’t. The best feeling in EVE for me is when your trap is set up and combat probes are at 1AU or they’ve just jumped in and you know their holding cloak to find you on D-scan. And it’s about to be PVP time. I love PVP with industrial or just weird out of the box fits, The Venture is one of my favorite hulls and one day someone told me that I’m ranked 8th in all time venture kills on zKill. I didn’t know that. So, I have to say I’m kind of proud of that accidental achievement. I just recently passed 500 kills in a Venture. I got to investigating and I also have 374 kills in a procurer and ranked 25th overall!

• What is it you enjoy most about Stay Frosty?

The People, then the freedom to fly what you want. I also love the Wolfpack. Somebody sees a nice target and with no comms, half of us in not in fleet and 9 jumps away, through complete disorganized chaos, we can all circle around and take it down with precision in a bunch of random whatever everyone is flying at the time.

(FROM RIXX: The Wolfpack is our "Solo Together" fleet comp we use every day for casual neighborhood roaming, sometimes on comms, sometimes not, it all depends on how people are feeling that day.)

• What else should people know about you?

I have recently started a small YouTube channel. I love helping new players. If it weren’t for the guy in the worm hole giving me 1,000,000 ISK, Darkon Chanlin and the people in Stay Frosty taking in a 2-week-old Alpha Clone and giving me 10 Frigs which I couldn’t afford and teaching me all the ropes of PVP and all my Corp friends thought EVE teaching me how to scratch up income to be self-sufficient - I wouldn’t have made it here today in EVE. Thanks to everyone.

So hit me up if your new, have questions, or need a mentor. I’ll help or find someone who can.


  1. I’d love to see an EVe animated series on the Tales of Rixx Javix


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