The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


It is time once more to jump into the sordid world of Low Sec Piracy and learn a few things from recent fights that the Pirate Lord has been involved with. Please note that these accounts are pure honesty and nothing will be withheld. Also know that I tend to make things up for a better story. Both of these things can be true at the same time. Which is why this feature exists in the first place. Happy now? I have no idea what I just wrote. Let's get on with it.

The Ugly: Stabber Vs The World

In what will become a theme in today's post I started this fight against one thing, which rapidly changed into another thing, and then chaos was unleashed. I took an old Stabber out for a scout of the local neighborhood hoping to find some interesting targets and sure enough I discovered this Procurer mining in a belt. Now, I knew this Proc would have back-up in local, I've been down this road before. But my plan was to kill it before back-up arrived, or at least hurt it enough so that when back-up arrived I could kill the back-up. So seeing the Ruppie on scan didn't worry me. What I didn't know was that several other non-related locals would also get involved with a Griffin and a Maulus. Needless to say I can't solo all those people when jammed and I lost my Stabber.

The Good: Comet Vs Sunesis. 

Comet Vs Algos.

After losing the Stabber I decided to jump into a Comet. With over 1,000 kills in one the Comet remains my comfy chair and the ship I continue to have the most kills flying. I can't remember the last time I found a Sunesis that would actually fight me, typically they run away no matter what I happen to be in. I love fights against ships in a higher class and both of these players comported themselves well in both of these fights. Nothing much more to say here, but I also managed to solo a Breacher on the way. Although some other dude had 113 dps on the kill.

The Bad: Comet Vs Vengeance (Pilgrim)

But Rixx why would you attack a Vengeance in a Comet? Because I'd win that fight 9 times out of 10 to be honest and I was winning this fight until his buddy in the Pilgrim de-cloaked inside the plex with us. With no chance of escape I really tried to bring down the Vengeance before the Pilgrim could get close enough to matter, but I just missed that chance. Once the Pilgrim drained my cap, I was a goner. All I could do was align out and get my pod out safely. Which I did.

And now you have been properly set-up for what happens next. I had just lost my Comet to a Recon Trap (with a Pilgrim) and was ready for revenge. My corp mates had been listening in and they were ready for revenge. And what happens next is just a perfect example of why Stay Frosty is so awesome, how Pirates remain unpredictable, and why we are crazy. Watson was in a Wolf, so we decided that he'd be our bait. What I didn't know at the time was that both Cerv and Trajon both had the same idea as me. And before you knew it we all ended up inside the Medium Plex with a Wolf and THREE Curses! Yep, that happened. I honestly believe this is the only time in 9 years of Stay Frosty when this has happened. Not only do we very, very rarely run Recon Traps but we never, ever do so with THREE Recons.

That's when the Caracal Navy Issue slid into us. Needless to say he didn't last long. While we were killing him we noticed a spike in local of about 4-5 ships. It wasn't long before the Mallers and a Moa appeared on d-scan. And sure enough, they all slid into us. Now, I want to say something up front here. Sure, they all ended up dying a horrible death. But remember that from their perspective all of them were more than willing to slid into a single, solo Wolf. They didn't know we had three Curses in there. Not until it was too late of course.

Here is the Battle Report. I don't know where the Condor came from on our side, but obviously that wasn't one of ours. We didn't lose a single ship.

Kudos go out to the Moa pilot by the way, who safely escaped the initial shock and then came back to help his team. It didn't work, but I have to respect that. Well done.

And because Eve is a cruel and unforgiving bitch later in the day I lost a Daredevil to a blob in OMS. Which took forever. But it happens. Fight by the sword, die by the sword.

All in all a great day in Eve Online. YARRR!