Video Response - Fanfest & Covid


Rushlock posted a video response to my post yesterday and I thought it was worth sharing.

Let me be as clear as I can be. I believe we all understood the risks with attending Fanfest. I know my Wife and I discussed them in depth many times. Of course, we are both double vaxxed and boosted. And we've managed to avoid getting Covid up until last week. So we weren't going into this blind. And yet neither of us hesitated about going to Iceland to see our friends and catch up with everyone. Not even for a second. We wanted to go and we were willing to take the risk. Neither of us had Covid before we traveled. And, so far, I'm the only one in my family who has gotten it.

I also believe that had everyone who attended Fanfest also taken that same attitude that we wouldn't have had any problems. Or at least, not as large of one as we ended up having. But we don't live in that world. Sadly several players attended Fanfest without being vaccinated. Potentially one of those may have been knowingly sick even before taking a flight to Iceland. This is ALL rumor of course. But you know Eve players as well as I do, give us a tiny little bit of data and it won't take long for this group to figure things out. Whatever happened and we may never know exactly, a whole bunch of us managed to contract Covid. Many of us got trapped in Iceland. Many more went back home and even as late as yesterday in some cases, tested positive.

I'd do it all again. Just to be clear.

I say that now ONLY because I believe everyone seems to have gotten a mild variant and, so far at least, I'm not aware of any serious cases. That could change. And if it does my opinion could change. As for me, personally, I am feeling much, much better today. So much so that I took another test and sadly I am still positive, so there goes my weekend and probably most of next week. Because I take having Covid just as seriously as I took not having Covid. I'm staying home and staying away from potentially exposing anyone else. Until I test negative.

My hope is that everyone recovers and remains healthy. I am concerned about every single player, CCP employee, and family member involved.

As always Real Life > Eve.