My Top Ten Ships


Hot Pursuit 5k Wallpaper

I think the last time I did this survey was back in 2018, and a lot has changed since then. And since I can't think of anything else to write about today, let's take a look at the Top Ten ships I've scored kills with all-time. Along the way I can talk about each one and where it ranked way back in 2018.

#10 Daredevil - 237 Kills (Back in 2018 it was #7 with 137 kills)

The Daredevil has dropped because I simply don't fly it as much as I used to. A lot has changed in the 4 years since 2018 and the Daredevil has suffered a bit because of those changes. Don't get me wrong, it remains an amazing ship in both the Rail Gun and Blaster configurations, not to mention the incredible dps of the Polarized versions. For awhile there me being in local in a DD simply meant I was going to get blobbed pretty hard and that ceases to be fun after the 17th time. So my favorite ship in Eve got mothballed for awhile there. I have been flying it more lately however. So you might see me in local in one.

#9 The Hookbill - 249 Kills (Not in the Top Ten back in 2018)

The opposite of the Daredevil, during the last four years I've been flying the Hookbill more often. It has, in many ways, often become my standard choice for general roaming. The Hookbill is very versatile and extremely effective at what it does, including punching above its weight class in certain situations. And while it remains an effective generalist, it continues to have its weaknesses. But, as always, that is dependent on how you choose to fit it. And fly it.

#8 Tristan - 301 Kills (#5 in 2018 with 234 kills)

My favorite T1 Frigate has dropped a bit in usage over the years, which is not a reflection on the ship as much as it is my own choices of what to fly regularly. I just make different choices these days and it probably has more to do with just how much I flew this little ship before. I enjoy variety and often this just doesn't include flying a Tristan. Still love the ship.

#7 Drake - 329 kills (#4 in 2018 with 309 kills)

So in 4 years I scored just 20 more kills in a Drake, which just goes to show you how little I fly this ship. Right now in Ouelletta I have about 450 ships in my hangar and I don't even currently have a Drake among them. This has more to do with being born Caldari and living in Null for years than anything else. Lots of history in a Drake.

#6 Dramiel - 355 (#8 in 2018 with 121 kills)

The Dramiel has easily taken the Daredevils place as my go-to choice for most small gang fleets. I love this ship and I fly it often. It continues to be challenging for me to fly it solo, as with the DD, I tend to generate a lot of local attention and either people run away or they blob me to death. This is how most of my Dramiels die, in fights with 4 or more ships.

#5 Capsule - 372 (#6 in 2018 with 208)

I can only guess this represents the number of times I've been on a killmail with a pod?  Sounds about right. The life of the Pirate Lord is fraught with danger.

#4 Sacrilege - 380 (#3 in 2018 with 380 kills)

You read that right, I have scored zero kills with a Sac in the past 4 years. I never fly this ship anymore. Got totally burned out flying it back in 2012-2013 and I really just don't anymore. I still have a few in my hangar, but obviously I haven't used them. I may have to change that.

#3 Slicer - 426 (#2 in 2018 with 395 kills)

I know I'm sounding like a broken record but I used to fly the Slicer a lot and these days not so much.

#2 Astero - 609 (Not on the list in 2018)

And for all those ships above like the DD and the Slicer, the Astero is why I don't fly them as much anymore. Over the past four years this little frigate has become my primary choice for solo roaming. The reasons are plentiful, but it solves a lot of my problems. The cloak means I can be more sneaky and the insane tank means I can often survive the blob attempts that eventually happen. I've escaped some insane odds in this ship, but they do still tend to end in fights with 4 or more other ships. This is how most of my ships explode.

#1 The Comet - 1,008 Kills (#1 in 2018 with 795 kills)

The top spot hasn't changed and I doubt it will anytime soon. The Comet remains an amazing ship that I love to fly. These days the options for fitting it up have changed even more with the introduction of viable hull tanking, so there are even more viable fits for this amazing ship. The field of targets is a little smaller than it was back in 2018, but it remains a solid generalist when it comes to picking fights and getting fights. The Comet is respected, but generally speaking it isn't as feared as other options. So I'm more likely to get fights while flying it. And that is, always, half the battle. You can't win fights you don't get.

The real action on this list happens below the #10 line. I'm flying more variety today than I did back in 2018 and lots has changed in the ships between 11 and 100. In fact I will sometimes use this list to make decisions about what to fly next. A few months back I noticed the Tormentor was sitting below the 100 kill mark and so I decided to fit one up and start flying it more often. Now it has 117 kills. In fact I now have 22 ships with more than 100 kills on them and I'd like that number to grow over the coming year or two.

I do enjoy variety. Keep them guessing.