Stay Frosty Album


Stay Frosty Album Cover

Believe it or not Stay Frosty has an entire album of music created by the ever talented Roc Wieler back in 2013. You can listen to it over on Soundcloud here. Be sure to also check out his other amazing Eve related music while you are over there. Some truly great pieces, I listen to the Stay Frosty theme song a lot!

And be sure to check out the original post over on his blog in which I convince a soldier of the Republic to become a scum-sucking Pirate.



  1. Music so strong to potentially bring me back to EVE after a 3 month break. :-) Btw. was Hevrice important for Stay Frosty back in 2013? I see it mentioned in several track names.

    1. Stay Frosty was born in Hevrice. When I left Tuskers I boated over to the other NPC station and founded SF. This did not go over well. :)


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