Who Broke The Sky?


The Sky was broken. Rent asunder. Torn from the fabric of time, exposed to the cold darkness of space. It bled. And tears formed in the eyes of those that beheld it. Ripped apart by lightning, cold, harsh, blue, and bathed in the screams of THOSE WHO WANDER. Washed in the wounding. Sniveling in the dark that suddenly enveloped them. They could not comprehend the madness. It ate their souls. And spit them out into blackness.

Behold. I am the ass-end of the Skybreaker. Wise in the before. Aware of the after. Sees All. Knows All. Stare upon me as I warp into the Sun. Bathed in blue. Open your soul to me. I will fail. You will fail. All is lost. And can not be reclaimed. The void eats us all in the end.

I cannot look forward. Only backward. And what I see chills the very halls of eternity. Because I see you. Staring back at me. Controlling nothing. And together we spin nowhere. Together we unleash the lightning. And break the Sky.

THOSE WHO WANDER will be lost. But I shall remain.