This past Saturday was Steel City Eve V and the first time in slightly over three years that we have been able to host players again at our home outside of Pittsburgh. We knew going in that it would be challenging to hold this again, with travel, gas prices, covid, and everything else still a huge factor. In fact two of our potential attendees ended up having to cancel due to Covid related issues just in the last week. We had slightly over 40 people sign-up and slightly more than 20 eventually attended. Some stayed the entire day and some came, visited, and left for other activities or commitments - which is fine with us. Our event is not a structured one, it is a rather simple prospect - a casual day of hanging out with Eve players. Sharing stories, eating, drinking, and not having to dance in a dark room while the music makes your ears bleed. 

We had a great day. This year we had more people than ever before traveled great distances to attend. Germany, Oregon, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York (the State and the City!), Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, and more points managed to get here. Thinking about it now, more people came from outside the local area than not. Which is nothing if not impressive. Many of us spent the entire week leading up to Saturday engaged with Greygal's attempt to drive across the entire United States to get here. It was quite the adventure. Luckily she made it safely in a mad Planes, Trains & Automobiles version of a trip.

To be honest there isn't much more to add. Everything went perfectly. The weather held up, the food was bountiful, the drinks flowed (Thanks to Random & Nakka for bringing some truly great Bourbon and Rye along with them!), and everyone had a great day. And I can report that everyone made it home safely, at least those that have let us know. Greygal continues her own adventure. And Horgal and Anna are off on a week long trip to the nation's capitol and surrounding area.

It meant a lot to us to be able to do this again, finally, after such a long enforced break. It felt great to have everyone and spend the day together in person. I'm not entirely sure how much longer we will be hosting this event, but I do know that next year we will be celebrating some very special milestones - so there will be a Steel City VI sometime next year. Of course we will announce a date as far ahead as we can.

Thank you to everyone who attended. No cats were lost. And they are all sad and moopey today that you are all gone again. As we all are.

Until next time.