NEW Art Now Available


Today I have released four new illustrated posters over on

The New Eden Map Illustration was something that I originally created for Andrew Groen's "Empires of Eve" books and which has since been released in different forms over the years for free download. Recently Katia Sae was kind enough to help me proof the map and update it for accuracy. Now I've turned it into an art piece that you can own and hang on your wall! It even comes printed on aluminum if you so desire.

Proc Rock Illustration is one of my pride and joys, this piece pushed me in new directions and challenged my abilities in new ways - from the nebula space background, all those rocks, and the effects! I even had to jump into a Procurer on Singularity to get reference shots! I'm really happy with how this one turned out and I'm proud to be able to offer it to you all now. Industry is important and should be celebrated.

The Triglavian Menace - talk about challenging! I originally started this piece as a companion to the Sisters of Eve illustration, but it quickly became apparent to me that this deserved its own unique approach. The darkness, the red, the triangles, all demanded a darker and more dynamic piece of art than I had originally planned. This is a perfect example of how the subject matter often dictates the technique and this piece represents some things that I have literally never tried before. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out and I hope you like it as well.

The Nightmare Art Print - The Astero Art Print is one of the biggest sellers so far on the site and so I'll keep doing new pieces in this style for as long as people enjoy them. Someone on Twitter suggested I do the Nightmare next and so here it is. One of my personal favorite ships in New Eden, the Nightmare is such a unique spaceship - I can't wait to get my own print and hang it on the wall.

That's four brand new pieces that represent a tremendous amount of work, hundreds of hours of trial and error, frustration, references, singularity trips, skilling into new ships, and dying several times in Pochven just to get the perfect reference shot! I'm putting my heart and soul into these pieces and I hope that passion is coming through in the final pieces. This opportunity means the world to me personally and I'm putting everything I have into it. I'll keep pushing myself as an artist, learning new techniques, and challenging myself in new ways. I just finished a new piece I'm excited about and I'm currently working on something completely new that I've never tried before at this scale - so even more new pieces are on the horizon.

As always I'm open to suggestions, subjects, and comments. Whatever you'd like to see next feel free to let me know.