New Illustration - Sariel's Flames


I'm proud to present the latest addition to the store - Sariel's Flames. This illustration has been on my mind for years and I just never had the time to sit down and focus on finishing it. Mostly due to time constraints, this sucker was very time intensive. I probably put a solid 42 hours into it from start to finish, more or less, I don't time these things. The inspiration came from my love of Orlando Arocena's art style, old pinball machines, and the best skin in the game - Sariel's Flames!

So this beauty is available with or without metal frames in a variety of sizes, but it was created for 28"x40" to be honest, it needs to be big! You can also get it printed on Aluminum as well - which seems to be a very popular method so far on the store.

I told my Wife the other day, the best part of finally having a storefront to sell Eve art isn't about selling Eve art - it's about having a place to finally put my heart and soul into it. For so many years Eve art was simply a side project for fun, something to keep my skills sharp, and every once in awhile something truly special would come along - like Freaky Frigates, or Community Beat, or the Eve London Office opening, or something like that. Now I can imagine something and make it real - and offer it to you.

If anyone orders it or not is kind of a bonus, but my happiness is about finally having a reason to really try new things and learn new stuff. This piece was a real push for me, I've never tried anything else like it on this scale before. It makes me extremely happy just looking at it. There is a lot of me in these pieces and I hope that comes across in the work. And I do hope you make the decision to purchase something for yourself, your friends, an upcoming meet-up, or whatever you want.

I've got more pieces in the works, so be sure to bookmark the website and check back often. I also hear a rumor that I might be offering phone cases here soon :)