Check out the news here in case you missed it.

FW changes are on the way. New Ships, which are most likely Faction Destroyers, but we do not know that for certain. New immersive hangars. And mysterious ship balances. While "Uprising" sounds like an old-school expansion, it's more of a Fall/Winter roll-out that is starting this month. Or perhaps, and more accurately, started already. Many of the steps leading to this have already been out and working for awhile now. Which is cool.

I fully support the concept of narrative development inside of Eve and I think most of the best changes have often happened this way over the years. So it is good to see this happening and unfolding over time. The upcoming Faction Warfare changes are only the beginning of that process however and some of the most exciting and transformative changes won't be coming until early next year. But you have to start somewhere.

I'm most excited for those changes obviously. FW has the chance to become a foundational mechanic that can bring big changes not just to Low Sec, but other parts of Eve as well. How exactly that happens or doesn't happen is still open for debate, since we don't have much information to go on. But given what we were told at Fanfest and since then in chats and live streams, it does feel like this could be a relatively seismic event. And until proven otherwise, I remain positive about it. Potential is always exciting. Reality on the other hand, often disappoints.

New ships are also cool and extremely welcome. I'd also love to see a few updated ship models sprinkled in here as well, but no word on anything like that. Some of these models are in desperate need and showing their ages. But this immersive hangar concept is another one that has me somewhat excited. How immersive? And exactly how is it immersive are all questions at this point. But a Captains Quarters lite would be welcomed. I miss being able to stand in front of my ships. And while I doubt this has any actual character models involved, anything that brings an update to the way hangars look would be a big deal. I've often felt, and expressed, that our hangars are a missed opportunity. Fingers crossed that this is going to be something truly amazing.

And balance changes always bring along the potential for dramatic game play opportunities. Without any other information it is impossible to speculate. I bet all of us have ideas on what needs to be better balanced.

And Alliance logos on ships!!

And Space Wizards!!!

All in all this was welcome news today.