Where'd He Go?


I haven't been posting as often as usual for a bunch of reasons. It is Alliance Tournament season and a lot of my time is being eaten alive by comp building and ship fitting, practices, and being yelled at by No'vac! In addition I'm really crunching the art side of things to get my new store up to speed before the Holiday Season hits. I put a bunch of new work up last week including the above image and a new Vagabond piece. I've also been working on getting a whole bunch of other pieces in shape to be released and that takes a lot of time.

Plus I'm also out here in the real world looking for a new job. I recently started a new Board of Directors position that I'm excited about. It's with an old client of mine and they asked if I would be interested in joining the Board, so of course I said yes. It isn't a paid position, the company is a non-profit, but I couldn't say no. My last consulting position was awesome and I really enjoyed it, but now I'm ready to get back into things again. So that is eating up a lot of time as well.

If you are reading this you already know what real life is like and you don't need me telling you. You might have it much worse or much better than me at the moment. That's how it works. If you are struggling then let me encourage you. Please feel free to read back over the archives here if you'd like a few lessons on the ups and downs of life. Trust me.

Anyway, I'm around. And I will always be writing and posting in these pages.

Meanwhile be sure to check out the new work over at rixxjavix.com  :)